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At Fewa Kokusai Educational Consultancy, we provide qualitative Japanese language courses in various levels. We have trained and experienced native Japanese instructors. We provide up-to-date teaching materials and believe in learning through participations of our students. Our classes are both academically and socially oriented. Our courses help you understand Japan language effectively and build up your confidence about Japanese people and their rich culture.

Test Preparation Class

We prepare intensive courses of JLPT, NAT and TOPJ, all of which are requirements of entering good institutions in Japan, while in some places like Tokyo, Chiba, Nagoya and Fukokuka, they may be required in order to get a Certificate-of-Eligibility approval from the respective Immigration Bureau of Japan. Our test preparation courses are skill based. We believe in the rigorous and technical practice of the tests. They boost the confidence of our students to attend the test successfully.