Our Mission

We are ready to support student’s self-realization taking innovation as the keyword’. We constantly grasp the needs of our students and to this end we explore the necessary teaching methodologies and strive to implement innovative initiatives. Our educational goal is “to foster human resources operating in a Japanese speaking society” and we have established the following two issues as our pillars in order to achieve this goal. The pursuit of bridge personnel. The development and implementation of Japanese language education in order to boost our student’s value as a foreigner. Bridge Personnel. As the employment of foreigners continues, in no time at all such foreign employees have come to be referred to as ‘bridge personnel’, a concept which implies that foreign employees are a bridge between Japan and the rest of the world. During the ten years that we have been contracted to teach experience teacher. We have had a chance to reflect on the Japanese language skills required by engineers in particular. We have analyzed the Japanese language skills required for foreigners to live independently and the skills required in the workplace and we have developed and are implementing a unique program, which combines work issue achievement and human relations in the work place. Value as a Foreigner

Simply being a foreigner ‘who is good at Japanese’ will not make you any different to a Japanese person. Rather it is important to acknowledge that not being Japanese in it is of great added value. One of the reasons why Japanese companies employ foreigners is said to be to ‘internationalize the company’. In reality internationalization is something that is obtained by overcoming numerous conflicts and dissentions. In our eyes foreigner employees should not be the stepping-stones for this, rather foreigner employees should be human resources, which have a more positive function within the company. It is possible for foreigners to properly communicate their own culture whilst understanding and respecting the sense of values of the Japanese and Japanese society. We at Fewa kokusai Educational Consultancy are working to nurture such personnel.