Message From MD

( Sujit Ghising )

After graduated from University of Nepal in 2012, I entered In Japan for study (Kokusai Kotoba Gakuin Japanese Language School) and was engaged in the communication of business management and culture between Nepal and Japan. After that, I came to Japan for study in October 2013. As an international student, I experienced the business management system, high level education standard, and enriched international students’ aid system by myself. After that, I entered a Purosupera Gakuin business collage in 2016.  Because of I want to establish my career as a business management. So that I learned International Collage for Business study to Japanese teacher in Japan. Than now I entered In Shiseikan University addition, I was engaged in helping international students with their daily life and application to further education. In order to exert my years of experience in business, provide students with better education environment, and realize my dream of cultivating more ambitious international students, established Fewa Kokusai Educational Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.

Education Principle
Our institute is a Japanese language school which actively engaged in providing international students who want to enter national, public or private universities and various vocational colleges in Japan with prerequisite education, supplementary lessons of necessary basic subjects for university admission, and guidance of applying for graduate school, university, and vocational college. In order for all the international students to pass the NAT TEST or the JLPT TEST N1 level, outstanding teachers who use ‘direct teaching method’ lead all our lessons. We also have extracurricular activities such as school excursion and social study tour. We teach our students that learning is not only about studying in the classroom, but also about going to the real society and see the real Japan with their own eyes and broaden their horizon. In order for students to have enriched life, we also have life directions. Living in a foreign country is a process of becoming independent, so we also actively guide students on their daily life and personal talk in order to give them a happy period of time of studying abroad and make them realize their bright future. Thinking the above things important, let’s make efforts together for the development of Japanese language, Culture of your own countries. Finally, we are sincerely waiting for your entrance.